The Digital Development Team at Oslo Public Library, Norway

Our tasks range from software development, concept development, prototyping and user testing, to more advanced technological strategy planning. We keep  a special focus on the future of the library through the new library building planned for Oslo’s waterfront in 2018.

In this blog, we will document our experiences, both the positive and the negative, in order to share relevant information with other digital libraries, and  for the public to be able to follow our work and comment/make suggestions as they see fit.

A new beginning

As of October 2013 the Digital development team are a part of the «Application project», a temporary organization whose mission is to provide systems, tools and services - for the employees and the public alike - in the new city library which are to be built at Oslo’s waterfront, due to open in 2018.

The goal of the project is to upgrade the tools available for librarians, in order to facilitate the mediation that  is going to be the focus in the new library.

Previous projects

Oslo Public Library is powering up to present a range of new digital services when we open the new city library in a few years time. Based on the experiences from the Pode project we have prototyped several services.

The services are based on the RDF representation of the MARC records and the goal has been to create an interactive station that presents the library catalogue in a new way. The conversion tool MARC2RDF is the heart of all  this.

Our experience is that the RDF representation gives us a more workable dataset, with lots of more opportunities to create services for our users, than the traditional MARC datasets provided by the ILS vendors.

The interactive station connects the library catalogue with external data sources and presents it in a visual and intuitive way through a touch screen based interface. The station presents the library holdings in a way we have never seen before!

We have also created a national database of book recommendations, recommendations written by library staff in Norway. The database is based on RDF, which in it’s turn is connected with the RDF representation of the MARC records. Based on an API the libraries can create different lists of recommendations to present on webpages, blogs, infoscreens and so on.

The interactive station is called “Aktive hyller” (Active shelves) and the book recommendations is called “Bokanbefalinger”. You can find more about our RDF-store at data.deichman.no

We share what we do on Github

Contact information

  • E-mail: digitalutvikling|at|gmail.com
  • Twitter: @digibib

Team members

  • Asgeir Rekkavik
  • Petter Goksøyr Åsen
  • Benjamin Rokseth
  • Anne-Lena Westrum

Om forfatteren

jobber som spesialkonsulent og prosjektleder i Utviklingsavdelingen. Er koordinator for teamet Digital utvikling.